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Purpose of a Trading Account

Pmd Investment Academy is an Introducing Broker and a Business Referrer to Regulated Brokers. We have taken this initiative so that there is no market abuse from both traders and brokers, secondly for consumer awareness and dispute resolution mechanisms. All our current associates are proudly South African Brokers regulated under the Financial Sector Conduct Authority of South Africa (FSCA)

Since 2000, the financial market trading have become electronic, this means, trading is conducted online. Today all you need is a trading account to invest in the stock market or Forex trading is a trading account opened with a recognised broker. Most often, stock or Forex broking firms have thousands of clients. It is not feasible to take physical orders from every client on time. So, to make this process seamless, you open a trading account. Using this account, you can place buy or sell orders either online or phone, which will automatically be directed to the exchange through the stock broker.

How you open a Trading Account

First, select the stock broker or firm. Ensure that the broker is good and will take your orders in a timely manner. Remember, time is of utmost importance in the stock market. Even a few minutes can change the market price of the stock. For this reason, ensure that you select a good broker. Compare brokerage rates. Every broker charges you a certain fee for processing your orders. Some may charge more, some less. Some give discounts on the basis of the amount of trades conducted. Take all this into account before opening an account. However, remember that it is not necessary to choose a broker who charges the lowest fees. Good quality brokerage services provided often may need higher-than-average charges. Next, get in touch with the brokerage firm or broker and enquire about the account opening procedure. Often, the firm would send a representative to your house with the account opening form and the Know Your Client (KYC) form Fill these two forms up. Submit along with two documents that serve as proof of your identity and address. Your application will be verified either through an in-person check or on the phone, where you will be asked to divulge your personal details. Once processed, you will be given your trading accounts details. Congrats, you will now be able to conduct trades in the stock market.

Copy Cat Trading

Let Pmd Investment Academy help you copy the world’s best traders, we know how tough it can be to learn Forex and all the complex strategies. So we are offering our clients the possibility to copy the trades of professional traders while learning on the side. All at the click of a button!

  • Follow their trades and decide if you want to copy them
  • Or simply copy automatically
  • Every time they trade, automatically the same trades are made on your account
  • When they make money – you make money! And there is no need to be by a computer!

Benefits Of Copy Cat Trading

The benefits are:

  • Beginners become experts – just copy/paste!
  • Follow the experts and learn for yourself how they trade
  • Your trading is done on auto-pilot. Simply chose the provider whose trades you want to “Copy” and the system does it for you. Automatically when they trade.
  • Complete privacy – your details are never shared with the signal provider
  • Accounts from only R5000!

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Web Trader


1. Open an account

2. Search for successful traders

3. Watch or Copy their trades

Trading Foreign Exchange (Forex) and Contracts for Differences (CFDs) on margin carries a high level of risk