Trainings and Events

Trading Course

Pmd Investment Academy continues to grow every day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We cover many industries such as forex and stock market trading, business services and soft skills development training in our conferencing sector.

Online Edu-Pack

To trade and invest effectively you need a good understanding of the market and its workings. Learn from successful and experienced experts by enrolling in our comprehensive online study course. Pmd Investment provide individuals with access to educational programs and workshops which will enable them to trade and invest themselves.

Free Trading Platform

Due to advent use of computers and smart phones, Meta Trader 4 has developed a user friendly interface to make Financial Markets accessible in a click of a button.

Back up & Support

All our package clients receive a lifetime of our opinions, research, analysis absolutely free. This information is regarded as general market commentary and does not constitute investment advice. Our package comes standard with a training manual to orient you with knowledge of how to use the product.

Data Services

Use our advanced tools and data services (MT4 historical data) to give you insight into the market and your investments, and to help you develop and implement your own trading strategies.


These are training sessions, you can book a one on one session and be taken through the steps at your pace.We also do group sessions where you get to share strategies and success stories.We have extended our support to telephonic and video on-line training.

Social Trading

From a novice to a professional trader copy kat trading has simplified trading, In a click of a button you can copy a trader of your choice based on his/her performance report.

Additional Services

Forex Signals Copy Trading Trading Strategy