Learn and Trade with us

Company overview

Pmd Investment Academy is a proudly black owned company which was founded in November of 2013. It’s primary focus is to be South Africa’s leading Financial Markets and Conferencing Training institute. Having realized that South Africa and the continent is heading to the Fourth industrial revolution where technology and the internet is dominating the space, we felt a need to educate the public on how to take advantage of the advent of computers and make money in the comfort of their homes or workplace by taking advantage of the Financial System. This is where you trade Financial instruments online such as Shares, Currencies (better known as Forex), Commodities, Options, Cryptocurrencies and many more. We were established to develop an unskilled workforce into a skilled workforce by providing educational training as a tool to unlock analytical thinking and problem solving. We provide programs to bridge the gap between the skilled and unskilled individuals through knowledge. We will be providing a powerful analytical software together with a 5 module complete study program to help speculators,traders, dealers predict the market for financial gain and give private investors and traders the necessary data to maximize profit and reduce risk.

Pmd Investment Academy continues to grow every day thanks to the confidence our clients have in us. We cover many industries such as financial markets, business services and soft skills training in our conferencing sector.

Why choose our Academy

The answer is simple we chose to be different in the sense that we do not sell software, but instead teach you how to make use of them as the framework is already developed, we believe in the quote that says ”Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day, but teach a man to Fish and you feed him for a lifetime” Pmd Investments is committed to perpetuate improvement in the provision of quality services to every client by innovation and creativity.


To endeavor and attain exceptional excellence.

Our Culture

We believe in Christian Values. Ecclesiastes 11: 1-9

Our Mission

To make sure the Financial Market is understood, Its risks and benefits and curb the scourge of scams associated with lack of knowledge and attain exceptional excellence.

Vision Statement

Mend the nets and the catch will be great. This simply means acquire the right education in whatever you do for the results to be better.



We recognise that our people are our most valuable asset and that our success is due to the dedication and commitment of our staff. We seek to attract and retain the best people by offering a competitive salary and benefits package. Employees are supported throughout their career with a full programme of training, mentoring, management development and on-the-job support. In this supportive environment, every member of the Pmd Investment Academy team is facilitated to reach his or her full potential by incorporating individual requirements into our annual training plan – making learning fast, dynamic and rewarding for everyone.

It also means that our people are empowered with the necessary skills to drive the company towards its business goals. Each staff member is reviewed periodically to asses performance, training and individual achievements.

This together with their personal objectives, then forms the basis of their training and development plan for the period ahead. Constant ambition to always work together in order to achieve a common goal by being professional by always finding solutions.


Team Work
Constant ambition to always work together in order to achive a common goal by beign professional by always finding solutions

Having driven motivation and willingness to succeed and have integrity to the team ,company and our clients

People Focus
Always communicating well with our staff members which enables them to grow and develop them to be better

Mutual Respect
Always Respect ourselves ,our staff members and clients

To be accountable ,responsible and transparent for all clients to see .